Q & A Russell Phillips

Made it happen for...
I have worked very closely with Sir Terry Matthews and his team at Celtic Manor over the years to plan, shape and expand the hotel into the world-renowned and award-winning Resort it is today.
It was my responsibility to oversee all construction associated with the 2010 Ryder Cup, as well as all residential and leisure apartment development on site, with the most recent addition being the luxury Hunter Lodges.
Leading the way
ICC Wales has been an equally challenging and exciting role for me as I have accountability for outlining requirements and managing communications with all our contractors, honing the all-important design details, along with overall responsibility for all support functions involved with this development.
Future features
Our mantra from the outset has been to design ICC Wales with the client in mind, 100% of the time. These many years of planning have included numerous focus groups to identify the key requisites and practical needs that organisers, exhibitors, and visitors told us they needed, which we have listened to and reflected in the convention centre design.
Dream job
This would have to be the opening day of ICC Wales! There is already such a buzz of anticipation around this project, I can’t wait to see the doors of the convention centre opened for the first time and to welcome and share this extraordinary space with guests from around the globe.  

Russell Phillips Vice President of Facilities & Development russell.phillips@iccwales.com 01633 410 200