Environmental Policy

The International Convention Centre Wales (ICC Wales) recognises it has moral and social responsibilities to the environment and is committed to developing an environmentally responsible business through design and construction to daily operation. We appreciate that environmental management is an issue of on-going concern for our guests, staff and suppliers and know that it requires constant reassessment, monitoring and continual improvement.

An environmental management system will be developed to help ICC Wales oversee its operations and reduce its impact on the environment and will continue to work on new ways to minimise its impact into the future.

To deliver this commitment, The International Convention Centre Wales aims to do the following:

  • Upon construction, ICC Wales will ensure that all lighting will be LED in an attempt to minimise its carbon footprint from day one.
  • During the design phase, ICC Wales will look to incorporate renewable energy sources where possible and economically viable.
  • Record and monitor all environmental impacts, including new projects and continue to work towards reducing our impact on the environment.
  • Record and monitor the consumption of electricity, gas and water and work towards a year-on-year reduction in like-for-like comparisons.
  • Comply with all current legislation and aim to meet future legislative requirements.
  • Continue to minimise the amount of waste disposed of as general waste by ensuring that all areas of ICC Wales have the appropriate number of bins to recycle all food, cardboard, mixed recycling and glass as appropriate and economically viable.
  • Commit to ‘Zero-to-Landfill’ waste disposal.
  • Ensure that all staff are given the opportunity to undergo departmentally targeted training sessions and new starters be given basic training to allow staff to address environmental responsibilities within the framework of normal operating procedures.
  • Publish information on environmental performance.
  • Commit to the prevention of pollution and land contamination.
  • Develop environmental response plans for major incidents.
  • Communicate this policy to all visitors and all persons working for and on behalf of the venue be made available to the public via The ICC Wales Corporate website.

For and on behalf of
The International Convention Centre Wales