The Power of Events: ICC Wales and The Celtic Collection join partnership to showcase UK events industry excellence

ICC Wales and The Celtic Collection have today announced a strategic partnership with The Power of Events, an organisation committed to highlighting and advancing the world-leading UK events industry.

The partnership between the Welsh venues and the not-for-profit organisation established in February 2023 sets out to continue showcasing the impact of the events industry across the UK’s seven core sectors and four key industry communities.

ICC Wales, The Celtic Collection and The Power of Events will work together to advocate for the sector, promoting its importance to the national economy and highlighting its pioneering role in sustainability, education, innovation and inclusivity.

The collaboration follows the launch of ICC Wales’s 2023 Report, released in June this year, titled ‘Event Power – A Force For Good.’  The report looks beyond the traditional measures of event impact – economic value, job creation, increased destination profiling – and focuses on the far-reaching benefits that events bring to communities and supply chains, as well as its pivotal role in combating the climate crisis and creating future-building opportunities.

Ian Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, ICC Wales and The Celtic Collection, said: “Our latest report calls on individual venues and associations across the sector to join forces and unite in a common goal: to shine a light on excellence within the industry and make it known just how influential and pivotal it is on a national and global scale. Our venues and The Power of Events are dedicated to excellence and innovation, and this collaboration aims to foster growth, promote sustainability, and celebrate the exceptional talent within the UK’s event industry while elevating the UK events sector on a universal stage.”

Rick Stainton, Founder, The Power of Events, said: “Within the realm of events, the power to shape our world is limitless. Our new partnership with ICC Wales and The Celtic Collection is a testament to our shared commitment in harnessing that power to not only showcase the incredible impact of the UK events industry across all seven core sectors, but to also champion the expertise and support offered by our community partners across sustainability, education, research insights, innovation, welfare and DEI.

“ICC Wales is the largest event venue in Wales and The Celtic Collection has a strong reputation for staging global events so they will play a vital role in our Four Nations mandate. Together, we aim to illuminate the path towards a brighter and more sustainable future for the industry, where events are not just a recognised as a force for good, but better understood, valued and respected as a catalyst for positive change on a global scale.”