Our Social Movement

At ICC Wales, our commitment to reducing food waste is an integral part of our sustainability movement. We aim not only to minimise our environmental impact, but also to contribute positively towards the well-being of the surrounding areas.


FareShare Cymru is a Cardiff based charity that uses quality, in date surplus food which would otherwise have gone to waste and they turn an environmental problem into a social solution by delivering food to Community Food Members (CFMS) – homeless hostels, Community centres and refugee centres.

The CFMS use the food to make healthy balanced meals to support vulnerable members of the community and at the same time, they save money on food costs and use this to help pay for vital support services.

ICC Wales is working with event organisers to ask their delegates to bring and donate food through our non-perishable food donation point which our team will co-ordinate to ensure that this worthwhile local charity benefits from the generosity of our visitors and feeds our local communities.

For more information about FareShare Cymru visit their webpage here >


By their very nature, events can be very wasteful, and Event Cycle is a charity that takes unwanted event waste and gives it a second life – a sustainable solution with a lasting social legacy.

With a commitment to repurposing and giving back to communities, Event Cycle distributes items donated or left behind by events held at ICC Wales amongst charities, community groups and social enterprises, ensuring they find a new purpose for them in Wales rather than see them go to waste.

Four deserving organisations have been recent recipients of these items: YMCA’S Young Carers Project received tote bags, vanity mirrors and juggling balls, St Vincent’s Charity Shop received display equipment. The Pantri received notepads, polo shirts, lanyards, mugs and puffer gilets, and the community owned Albert Hall in Llandrindod Wells received a sound mixing desk, speaker and coffee cups.

By diverting these resources from landfill and connecting them with organisations that serve the community, the ICC Wales and Event Cycle prove that sustainability and community support can go hand in hand.

For more information about Event Cycle visit their webpage here >