Visitors Discover Wales

A truly warm welcome, or croeso (said croy-saw) as we say in Wales. We are told that our warmth of hospitality and breathtaking landscapes make our home somewhere really special, and we can’t wait to share it with you. So jump on a plane, train, automobile or even city bike and come on in!

Our coveted ICCWales city pass offers visitors discounts for shopping and eating out in the vibrant cities surrounding the venue; so visitors can enjoy music, independent restaurants, mirco-breweries and the delights of the Welsh culture.


Within a stone’s throw, a dog’s whisker, a mole’s breath… you don’t need to venture far to discover everything this stunning country has to offer.

Jaw dropping landscape, colourful coastlines, rich in wildlife, castles and countryside. Wales is certainly the host with the most.

What the
locals say*

Bore da Good morning
Noswaith dda Good evening
Helo Hello
Shwmae Alright / How’s things?
Iechyd da Cheers / Good health
Diolch Thanks

*Don’t worry, it’s not a test, we all speak English