The Great Outdoors

When others say, we do. We don’t just say we are committed to contributing positively to our environment, we take active steps in order to achieve this value. Our gardeners have planted over 15,000 trees in the Welsh woodland that surrounds ICC Wales, cocooning the center in a gorgeous carbon dioxide absorbing green bubble.

On top of this we’re completely plastic free and never claim we cannot do better. We are always looking at ways we can be more proactive and kinder to our environment, local and wider communities.

Here are some other ways we help mitigate our effect on the great outdoors:

  • We were constructed with sustainability in mind. ICC Wales incorporates energy-efficient technologies and materials, reducing our carbon footprint during both construction and operation.
  • We focus on minimising waste through recycling programs and the use of reusable materials. We also promote responsible waste disposal practices among staff and attendees
  • We collaborate with event organisers at every stage of an event to implement green event guidelines, encouraging sustainable practices such as reducing paper usage, eliminating single-use plastics and managing food waste.
  • We always encourage the use of public transportation and carpooling by providing easy access to nearby transit options. This reduces the carbon footprint of delegates traveling to the venue.
  • The ICC Wales actively participates in community environmental initiatives, supporting local conservation projects or engaging in partnerships with environmental organisations.

Still not convinced we are doing enough? Read our Great Outdoors report >