Our Environmental Movement


We are on a continuous mission to ensure we are operating our business in an environmentally conscious way.

Discover more below about the progress we have made and the commitments we continue to make to our environmental movement.


We Are Natural & Explorers

  • We are surrounded by 230 acres of woodland and naturally offset 465 tonnes of CO2 annually
  • We are exploring solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind energy to power our buildings. Watch this space…
  • We use a Dali lighting system (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) which is designed to work in conjunction against external daylighting levels

We Are Responsible

  • We divert 100% of our waste from landfills, of which 63% is recycled, and the remaining is used to create energy for community housing and businesses
  • From day one, we provide ongoing environmental awareness training to our teams
  • We have hydration stations throughout our venues to allow refills
  • Our charging stations will support EV guests visiting our venues
  • We are surveying our air quality to help our people stay healthy

We Reduce

  • We use smart meters to monitor and reduce our energy usage wherever possible
  • The architectural design was based around using as much natural day light, natural cooling and heating as is possible
  • The Building Management System (BMS) allows us to control all major equipment to manage the conditioning of the building to match occupancy

We Repurpose

  • Bacteria consume the food we waste via anaerobic digestion, creating renewable energy in the local community
  • We repurpose our waste oil into biodiesel, which reduces carbon emissions by 88% compared to fossil fuels
  • We use combined heat and power to generate energy for our venues

To become a green, environmentally friendly venue – continually reducing our carbon footprint, water consumption, and waste production, ensuring our venues have the most positive impact on our community and environment.


To harness the power of people to create positive environmental change at our venues, empowering them to ensure that what we do today does not impact the lives of future generations.

We Are Recognised

We have accreditations with Green Dragon, Green Tourism and Green Key. We sit on the AEV Sustainability Working Group and are a venue member of isla working towards sustainable events.


We Are Powerful

We source all our electricity from renewable sources (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin)

View REGO certificates for our properties and venues listed below:

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